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Access fresh ingredients for your menu with no hidden markups.
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No middleman
premium ingredients, minus the distributor markup.
We believe chefs have a right to know how much the food they order actually costs. On Saltz, transparency is the default. You see the price producers set, and what delivery actually costs.
Angus Pastoral Tomahawk
€39,35 / kg
Know what you're paying for
Producers set the prices, then you choose from flexible delivery options.
Widen your
Access products beyond the reach of local distributors.
Cut down on
Wave goodbye to distributor markups. Our prices are 5-10% cheaper.
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Gaspar's Restaurant
"With Saltz I buy fresher products without any hidden markups directly from the producers I could never buy before. I highly recommend Saltz to any chef looking for new ideas for their menus or to streamline their ingredients procurement process."
Gaspar Fernandes
Gaspar’s  –  #1 on Lithuania's Top 30 Restaurants 2023

Premium ingredients,
transparent prices